The Lagom way of life

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There is a way of life which has been drawn to the public eye recently called Lagom. To put simply Lagom translates to “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right.” Unlike hygge, which aims to capture a feeling, Lagom is an ethos of moderation in everyday life. 
With Lagom in mind, it’s possible to live a more sustainable, healthy and cost-conscious life at home, without any dramatic or extreme change. It’s about not doing what is unnecessary or unessential but instead focusing on what is essential in your daily life and knowing when to stop without denying yourself of anything. 
You can incorporate Lagom into your everyday life and make changes that are sustainable and affordable but are also easy to achieve. We’ve put together 3 ways to incorporate Lagom into your home by changing your lighting habits. 
1. Energy saving lighting
When adopting a Lagom lifestyle choosing wisely when purchasing items is helpful and cutting down the amount of energy you use is a great sustainable way. Swap your usual lighting schemes for LED lighting instead. This easy to make change is an instant cost cutting win for both the planet and your pocket.   
2. LED
LED bulbs are both energy efficient and long lasting. If you change your regular light bulb to an LED light bulb you can cut energy consumption by over 80% compared to your standard light bulb. They also use a fraction of the electricity of incandescent bulbs and can last for up to 20 years. As a result, they have less impact on the environment. Not to mention you will save money on electricity bill as lighting alone accounts for 18% of a typical household’s electricity bill. You’ll also spend less time changing bulbs. Making the switch doesn’t mean compromising on style and comfort. We have LED bulbs for all your existing fittings, as well as lamps with built in LED.
3. Focus your lighting
Focus your lighting only where you need it, with different types of lighting and dimming it’s easy to adjust the mood of the room and ensure there is always a level of brightness that is required. For example, with integrated, directional and motion lighting you can provide light only where it is really needed. You could try putting light above the mirror in the bathroom, above an island in the kitchen, behind cupboards or within a wardrobe so that you don’t need to turn on the main lighting in your room for the little things. 

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