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Pendant lighting provides many different benefits when it comes to providing versatility in the home. A pendant can be mounted in a ceiling in many rooms in the home ranging, from above the dining table to shining light in a dark corner. Before making a decision on the style of the pendant light you should consider the function and the location of the lamp. 

There are three types of lighting; general room lighting, area lighting and mood lighting. You can create all 3 types of lighting with a pendant lamp. 

If you want to create general room lighting you should pick a pendant that can be mounted high from the ceiling so the light can hit the whole room. Nordlux pendants come with enough cable so you can personalise the height of the pendant to suit the room you want to place the pendant in. 

If you are planning to hang a pendant over a dining table or kitchen island this is referred to as area lighting.  You will need to consider the size of lamps along with the number of lamps you are installing and how high they will be placed. When hanging the pendants above the dining table a good rule is to hang them 50-70cm above. The size of the lamp should depend on the size of the table or kitchen island. Many people place 2 or 3 smaller pendants over the island which produces directional light downwards onto the area below. This can be achieved by using the Link System rail if you don’t already have electrical wiring where required. 

If you don’t have other additional lighting in the kitchen or dining area such as spotlights you should remember to pick pendants where the light can penetrate such as a glass or porcelain pendant. This contributes to the mood lighting. It can be a good idea to have a dimmer for your pendant lamp. This can be in the form of a dimmer installed in the switch or a smart bulb such as iDual or WiZ that will allow easy adjustment of the light intensity. You can alter the atmosphere by increasing or decreasing the brightness of the lights in order to cater to your differing moods and emotions. This also gives you the ability to change the ambience of your rooms at different times of the day. For example, when cooking and completing homework, it is important to have a good bright working light however for dinner with friends its good to have a warmer cosy light. Both these and more can be achieved with a click of a button if you choose a smart bulb. 

The hardest decision will usually be the style of the pendant. If you are looking for a modern industrial type lamp, the Strap pendant is ideal. If you want a pendant that will give off a good amount of light the Asjka will work and you can mix and match styles and colours. If you want to have a modern yet minimalist look, you should choose lamps such as Float, Nexus or Pure

You can browse all the Nordlux pendants in the online catalogues.

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