Garden Lighting

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There are many advantages to placing garden lights on your property. During winter they have a practical purpose which is to increase visibility, so you and visitors can move safely outdoors and avoid falls during the dark, rainy evenings. During summer, garden lights create cosiness and atmosphere around the garden while also having obvious benefits like extending the amount of time you can stay outdoors. The size of your garden will help determine how many lights you can place around it. 

There are many benefits to illuminating your garden. They can play a large part in designing and landscaping your garden, knowing the layout of the garden will help to blend these features together. With outdoor spotlights, pillars and wall lights, you can highlight beautiful details in the garden, such as lighting trees, flowerbeds, walkways, decking, water features, ponds and rockery. 

Garden pillar lights are also a good solution for driveways especially if you can’t install wall lights. Lighting in the driveway is important in terms of safety and even home security. Additionally, it creates a welcoming atmosphere around the house.
Don’t forget every outdoor light should have an IP rating. It stands for Ingress Protection and it tells you how good the lights are at keeping water, dirt and dust out.

An IP rating is made up of two numbers. The first number denotes what level of protection the light has against the ingress of solid objects. The second number tells you how protected it is against water. The higher the number, the better the protection. 
For outdoor lights, water protection is also very important to protect the light from rainfall, garden sprinklers and hoses. If the light is going to be used in flower beds, or if your garden is in a windy spot, it needs to be protected from the ingress of dirt. So, choosing an outdoor light with the correct IP rating is of paramount importance.

All Nordlux outdoor lights state the IP rating to help you choose which lights to use to light up your garden. 

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